Shaping Visual Narratives with Passion.

Creating engaging and dynamic experiences. Bringing visions to life with energy and creativity, captivating audiences with compelling visual storytelling.

Shaping Visual Narratives with Passion.

Creating engaging and dynamic experiences. Bringing visions to life with energy and creativity, captivating audiences with compelling visual storytelling.
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Written and Directed by Judson Vaughan
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Years of Experience and Counting

Beneath the Lens, Beyond the Trend

Dragon Egg Films are an indie film and video content production company.

We write and produce short films, feature films and documentaries. From script to screen, we make films, create narrative that entertains, whether seconds to two hours, from conception to post-production.

We’re also known for creating high quality video and photography content for small and large businesses, as well as individuals just wanting that little bit of extra shazam!

We tell stories.
We make films.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Pre-Production Planning

This service involves scriptwriting, storyboarding, location scouting, casting, and all the necessary preparations before actual filming begins.


Cinematographers, or directors of photography, provide expertise in capturing high-quality visuals. This includes camera operation, lighting design, and shot composition.

Production Crew

This encompasses the hiring and coordination of various crew members, such as producers, directors, sound engineers, makeup artists, and production assistants.

Post-Production Editing

Video editing is a crucial service where raw footage is transformed into a polished, cohesive narrative. Editors cut and arrange footage, add effects, and refine the final product.

Visual Effects (VFX)

VFX professionals create computer-generated imagery (CGI) and other special effects to enhance the visual appeal of a video or film. This includes adding digital characters, environments, and explosions.

Sound Design and Audio Production

Sound engineers & designers work to create high-quality audio for the video. This includes recording, editing, & mixing audio elements like dialogue, music, & sound effects.

Color Grading

Colorists adjust the color and tone of the video to achieve a specific look or mood. This process is essential for setting the visual style of the production.

Distribution and Marketing

After production, companies often assist with marketing, distribution, and promotion of the final product. This include submitting films to festivals, & creating marketing, etc.

Capturing Moments, Crafting Stories

Want a new business video or you just need a cut down from some existing media, for socials? Want a shorter, snazzy piece from a longer form promo? For cut down examples – head over to our instagram feed. It’s also worth checking out our CLIENT area.

Te Encontraremos

‘No Lealtad No Tiene Limites’

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‘What Will You Leave Your Child?’

Soul Breaker

‘When the need is desperate and the want impure, strange energies will flourish’

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We tell stories, we make films.

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Consistently Pursuing Unique Collaborations

We’re always on the look out for the next good project. Check out some of our previous indie film productions, current, or simply those we’d like to put into production.

Capturing Praise, Framing Excellence

Working with Judson has elevated the growth and vision of my overall project. From day one he brought a contagious energy and excitement to the work. It was amazing to work next to someone who takes such pride in his craft and attention to detail. I would recommend anyone looking to take their vision to the next level to contact Dragon Egg Films. 10/10.
Zach Monaghan
Zach Monaghan, Proballer - USA, España, Bulgaria
Working with Judson was an absolute pleasure. I have no clue about video making or even being in front of the camera, but from the beginning he made me feel calm and confident and he did an amazing job of helping me through all the steps, from posture to speaking. He surpassed my expectations with the final product and I am so happy I found him and did this project with his amazing company. I can only recommend him again and again and again.
Nicolas Duggan
Shiatsu Bodyworks (Masaje Deportivo, Acupuntura y Shiatsu)
mama kari
Kudos to Judson Vaughan and his superb team Dragon Egg Films for producing the video within a tight budget. High quality emotional and film support 🙂
Jonan Boto
Director of mama kari
Judson from Dragon Egg Films was a pleasure to work with throughout the length of my project. He was full of ideas and had more than enough energy to see it through from start to finish without any hiccups along the way. Would highly recommend.
Seth Elton
Miloko Founder
bridge renewal trust
I have been part of a process which commissioned Judson to deliver what turned out to be an outstanding piece of work to showcase the Bridge Renewal Trust’s 10-year celebrations. Judson has excellent project and people management skills and delivered the commission within agreed timescales and budgets. Judson is passionate, highly skilled and exceeded our expectations in conveying the breadth of Bridge’s support for local residents and communities. Through film, interviews, photography, an exhibition and 24 page designed booklet, he conveyed the strength of our internal and external relationships and the passion that drives and runs throughout our team and our engagement with local people. He managed to put staff, volunteers and members, our service users and supporters at ease, working almost imperceptibly to capture the human stories that make up the community that we are all about. This was true whatever their age, background or ability, whether this was a service user, local dignitary, Deputy Mayor, or member of the GLA.
Colin Bowen
Director of Haringey Giving | Bridge Renewal Trust
Judson has recently produced two outstanding videos for us around the opening of our new offices in September 2018 and the 2019 HiT Youth Summit. Both productions have been widely distributed and very well received by multiple stakeholders, giving HiT brand recognition and credibility in the process. We love Judson for his enthusiasm, professionalism and collaborative working style. He is good at bringing together technical support as needed and his pricing is highly competitive. He remains our videographer of choice for all external PR needs.
Rev John M. Wood MBE
Director of HOPE in Tottenham