Month: February 2019

BURN wins best short

BURN wins best short film back in winter 2018
at the brill Dead All Day Film Festival.

February, 2019

BURN official selection laurel – the mighty MORBIDO FEST

Mexico City, back in winter 2018.

February, 2019

Review in from Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards

Nomination for best documentary - and the review here:

“Sadly this isn’t the sort of documentary that gets air time in the UK, but it should. It is made with a very bold voice, is a conscious discussion about the dilemmas facing Mexico, and above all – it is informative. Quite great.”

February, 2019

Humanitarian Award for Mexican Wave, the documentary.

Our documentary Mexican Wave wins an honorable mention
– humanitarian award for 2018,
awarded by the Accolade Global Film Competition.

February, 2019

BURN’S Venezuelan Premiere

BURN is Official Selection of FINDECOIN, in Venezuela.

February, 2019