Month: September 2020

Did you know that in Mexico, 43 rural students were forcibly disappeared on the night of the 26th of September 2014 and never seen again?
‘Mexican Wave’ is a soon to be released documentary with a unique take on the matter, providing objective as well as personal insight and coverage.
Friends and filmmakers Judson Vaughan (director) and Marisa Polin (producer) are releasing ‘Mexican Wave’ on the 6th year remembrance of the student’s plight, on Amazon Prime and Google Play/Youtube Movies.
This British documentary follows a group of London-based Mexicans campaigning for justice, human rights and fighting to find an answer to the disappearances of the 43 students and the thousands of people that go missing every year.
The film brings in to context the political and social climate at the time, highlighting some disturbing facts of Mexico’s deep-rooted corruption, and the ramifications of which, continue to reverberate today.
Due December 2020
September, 2020