Year: 2021

BURN wins 1st Prize in Pamplona, Navarra, Spain!

Fantastico! BURN wins the jury’s 1st prize at the X Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico y de Terror de Navarra. Congratulations to everyone on BURN and thank you to the organisers, the people that were in support of the film festival and watching the films. A huge thanks to the jury! Muchas gracias!

Well done and thanks to a great story from Chris Barnes (also executive producer) through to all the actors including Max Cavenham, Emma Kelly and Matti Kolirin. Thanks and well done to the entire crew and everyone and anyone that made BURN possible. It’s had huge success on the international film festival circuit winning to date 25 international film awards and over 70 official selections with a further 26 nominations! Wowzers! Thank you, everyone!

November, 2021

BURN es Selección Oficial en Pamplona España!

BURN (ARDE en Español) is Official Selection of the X Festival de Cine de Fantástico y de Terror de Navarra. Thank you to the judges, the organisers and everyone in attendance watching films there this week! Congrats to everyone who is associated with BURN, the multi-award-winning short psychological horror film.

October, 2021

BURN wins Best Thriller Short Film & Best Poster Design

Thanks to theNew York Instanbul Short Film Festival 2021 for our awards! Fantastic news! Congrats to everyone on BURN! And well done

Brutal Posters for the excellent BURN poster!

September, 2021

Best Horror Category!

Burn wins Best Horror at the World Distribution Awards! Fantastic and thank you! Both to WDA and to cast & crew that worked on the film.

September, 2021

Judson Vaughan wins best Director for BURN!

Thank you to the awesome Romford Horror Film Festival! A fantastic organisation (part of the Romford Film Festival) and run by passionate, genuine people who really do foster a strong and thriving environment for indie film.

Awarded to Judson Vaughan for the psychological horror, BURN.


June, 2021

BURN wins at the brilliant Nassau Film Festival!

Last week saw BURN win the Princeton Tiger Award. The Princeton Tiger Award is a judges award given to films that conveyed the message of their film in a superior manner. Thank you to Nassau Film Festival and their entire team. Congratulations and many thanks to everyone that worked on BURN with us.

June, 2021

New Film – New Poster

Our new documentary ‘PANDEMANIA’ is finished.

The film follows five housemates and their struggles during a lockdown during the 2020 pandemic and their communication with the outside world.

Artwork by Brutal Posters 

June, 2021

We have a new film coming!

‘A documentary following the struggles of five housemates during a pandemic and their communication with the outside world.’


Stay Tuned

March, 2021

BURN a Finalist at Cine-Maniacs in Bavaria, Germany

Great news for March! Our short psychological horror BURN is a finalist at Bavaria’s Cine-Maniacs film festival in Germany!

Fantastic news for everyone involved and thank you to the awesome Cine-Maniacs film fest!



February, 2021

Official Selection in May 2021…

Awesome news! Our short psychological horror film BURN? is official selection of the

Nassau Film Festival to be held virtually this year on May 15-23, 2021. 
Congrats to all involved!
There will be 100 short films to watch. ??
Proceeds to benefit Feeding America’s Community Food Bank of New Jersey.
Buy your tickets at and watch the nine-day festival from your home knowing your ticket purchase is going to provide meals for those in need. $1 provides 3 meals. No one should go through the day or go to bed hungry.
February, 2021