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We Will Find YOU – is a semi-finalist!

Grrrreaaaat news! Our new film, the 20 minute thriller ‘We Will Find YOU’ is a semi-finalist at Playback Film Festival, Manchester, England. Fantastic news!!! Well done to all involved. We’re stoked!

October, 2023

Our Screenplay ‘IT’S HERE’ is a Finalist at the Hollywood Horrorfest!

Our 1970s-based, noir horror Screenplay ‘IT’S HERE’ is a Finalist at the Hollywood Horrorfest 2023!

Request a read!

September, 2023

Official New Poster Art!

Beauuuutiful new poster for our new film ‘We Will Find YOU’ – artwork by the brilliant
Brutal Posters no less, thank you to all involved. Film is due soon, 2023.

August, 2023

Trigger (feature screenplay) was a quarter finalist in the Vail Screenplay Contest 2022

Its a rip roaring ride of a rollercoaster and a crime drama that sometimes laughs loudly in the dark.

“Good pacing and a well done story” – Barn Storm Media 2021

– and received quarter finalist status in the brilliant Vail Screenplay Contest of 2022! Fantastic news. Thank you Vail Screenplay Contest! Hopefully we can come back with a semi-finalist/finalist status in the future!

You can find Trigger on our SLATE page — with more details — pitch deck available for viewing on request

November, 2022

BURN es Selección Oficial del Kursaal Film Festival San Sebastián!

August, 2022

¡BURN es Selección Oficial de Fangofest Amposta!

August, 2022

BURN wins Best Horror Film

BURN wins Best Horror Film at the European Short Film Festival, Berlin!
Fantastic news everyone and thanks to everyone that worked on this with
us and of course, the European Short Film Festival!

July, 2022

HOPE in Tottenham & the TSG (territorial Support Group)

The TSG (Territorial Support Group) and HOPE in Tottenham’s school engagement session video we shot in November 2021 is up on our Promo page – have a watch, it’s quite the eye-opener.


The Territorial Support Group is a Met Operations unit of London’s Metropolitan Police Service which specialises in public order policing, amongst other specialist areas. This a video that covers one of their scheduled school visits in North London in association with HOPE in Tottenham – such engagement sessions, are an opportunity to bring together young people with the Police service in the form of presentation and integration, helping build stronger relationships in communities and in turn fosters better understanding, acceptance and insight of each other.

We were very pleased to be working on this, which was kind of unknown, in terms of exactly what we were to expect and get – and we love that! It all happened extremely quickly and kind of just unfolded rapidly in front of us, it was classic point and shoot.

February, 2022

BURN wins Best Horror & Best Original Story

In the early hours of today/last night in Las Vegas, BURN won an Award of Excellence for Best Horror and an Award of Prestige for Best Original Story! Congrats to everyone that worked on BURN with us and thank you again. Special shout out to our Exec. Producer and writer of BURN too! What a brilliantly demented story you wrote! Thank you to the Vegas Movie Awards for running such a tight ship, a really well run film festival and of course, thank you to the VMA Team and all the judges. Well done to all the great competing films involved!


February, 2022

BURN wins Golden Stake Award at SHOCKFEST!

We are thrilled that BURN won the Golden Stake Award at the crazily good SHOCKFEST in December 10th 2021.

Congrats to all the great films there and well done to everyone that worked with us on BURN. Just fantastic! 


February, 2022

BURN wins 1st Prize in Pamplona, Navarra, Spain!

Fantastico! BURN wins the jury’s 1st prize at the X Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico y de Terror de Navarra. Congratulations to everyone on BURN and thank you to the organisers, the people that were in support of the film festival and watching the films. A huge thanks to the jury! Muchas gracias!

Well done and thanks to a great story from Chris Barnes (also executive producer) through to all the actors including Max Cavenham, Emma Kelly and Matti Kolirin. Thanks and well done to the entire crew and everyone and anyone that made BURN possible. It’s had huge success on the international film festival circuit winning to date 25 international film awards and over 70 official selections with a further 26 nominations! Wowzers! Thank you, everyone!

November, 2021

BURN es Selección Oficial en Pamplona España!

BURN (ARDE en Español) is Official Selection of the X Festival de Cine de Fantástico y de Terror de Navarra. Thank you to the judges, the organisers and everyone in attendance watching films there this week! Congrats to everyone who is associated with BURN, the multi-award-winning short psychological horror film.

October, 2021

BURN wins Best Thriller Short Film & Best Poster Design

Thanks to theNew York Instanbul Short Film Festival 2021 for our awards! Fantastic news! Congrats to everyone on BURN! And well done

Brutal Posters for the excellent BURN poster!

September, 2021

Best Horror Category!

Burn wins Best Horror at the World Distribution Awards! Fantastic and thank you! Both to WDA and to cast & crew that worked on the film.

September, 2021

Judson Vaughan wins best Director for BURN!

Thank you to the awesome Romford Horror Film Festival! A fantastic organisation (part of the Romford Film Festival) and run by passionate, genuine people who really do foster a strong and thriving environment for indie film.

Awarded to Judson Vaughan for the psychological horror, BURN.


June, 2021

BURN wins at the brilliant Nassau Film Festival!

Last week saw BURN win the Princeton Tiger Award. The Princeton Tiger Award is a judges award given to films that conveyed the message of their film in a superior manner. Thank you to Nassau Film Festival and their entire team. Congratulations and many thanks to everyone that worked on BURN with us.

June, 2021

New Film – New Poster

Our new documentary ‘PANDEMANIA’ is finished.

The film follows five housemates and their struggles during a lockdown during the 2020 pandemic and their communication with the outside world.

Artwork by Brutal Posters 

June, 2021

We have a new film coming!

‘A documentary following the struggles of five housemates during a pandemic and their communication with the outside world.’


Stay Tuned

March, 2021

BURN a Finalist at Cine-Maniacs in Bavaria, Germany

Great news for March! Our short psychological horror BURN is a finalist at Bavaria’s Cine-Maniacs film festival in Germany!

Fantastic news for everyone involved and thank you to the awesome Cine-Maniacs film fest!



February, 2021

Official Selection in May 2021…

Awesome news! Our short psychological horror film BURN? is official selection of the

Nassau Film Festival to be held virtually this year on May 15-23, 2021. 
Congrats to all involved!
There will be 100 short films to watch. ??
Proceeds to benefit Feeding America’s Community Food Bank of New Jersey.
Buy your tickets at and watch the nine-day festival from your home knowing your ticket purchase is going to provide meals for those in need. $1 provides 3 meals. No one should go through the day or go to bed hungry.
February, 2021

Mexican Wave, the documentary, gets its release on Amazon Prime, Google Play & Youtube Movies

Mexican Wave, the hard-hitting documentary about Mexico’s corruption during the last few years and beyond, has been released on Amazon Prime, Google Play, and Youtube Movies.

December, 2020

The Boston Maniac and BURN both get Official Selection at Romford Horror Film Festival 2021!

Let’s hope we get to be there in person, after this year ya’ never know! Nothing wrong with a virtual fest of course- like we’ve been part of this year already, but next year… I think we’d all agree we’d LOVE to be mixing socially in person at the film festivals again. Bring it on! We’re stoked to be selected, and thanks to the brilliant team at Romford Horror Film Festival.

November, 2020

Night of Horror Film Festival, Belgium

The Boston Maniac, our big brother to the 1 minute winning horror Pedro, has won Best Scare at the Night of Horror Film Festival in Belgium! Fantastic news, and it’s great to see a film have a revival, a few years after its initial release/run of film festivals. Thank You! Well done to TBM Team!


November, 2020

Amazing News!

Amazing news! The screenplay ‘IT’S HERE’ by Judson Vaughan was just selected by


Shout out to the mighty New York City Horror Film Festival. An honor to be selected! Thanks to

October, 2020

Did you know that in Mexico, 43 rural students were forcibly disappeared on the night of the 26th of September 2014 and never seen again?
‘Mexican Wave’ is a soon to be released documentary with a unique take on the matter, providing objective as well as personal insight and coverage.
Friends and filmmakers Judson Vaughan (director) and Marisa Polin (producer) are releasing ‘Mexican Wave’ on the 6th year remembrance of the student’s plight, on Amazon Prime and Google Play/Youtube Movies.
This British documentary follows a group of London-based Mexicans campaigning for justice, human rights and fighting to find an answer to the disappearances of the 43 students and the thousands of people that go missing every year.
The film brings in to context the political and social climate at the time, highlighting some disturbing facts of Mexico’s deep-rooted corruption, and the ramifications of which, continue to reverberate today.
Due December 2020
September, 2020

BURN wins Best Horror Short


BURN wins Best Horror Short Film at the Hamilton New York International Film Festival August 2020!

Thanks to HNYIFF for our award, fantastic news! Thank you to Team BURN and congratulations to everyone who worked on this or was in some way connected.


August, 2020

Our latest film in development- The Sacrifice

The splash page is ready – check it out…

We are looking for funding.

Artwork by Amelia Potter

July, 2020


Wishing everyone safe and well! Sit tight, keep safe. Our thoughts go out to the families who have lost someone. Huge shout out to our NHS and those also still at work, helping something resembling normality, continue. Xx

April, 2020

Media Film Festival, USA.

Thank you to the Media Film Festival for our official selection at the MFF Friday Night Horror Fest on April 2nd – 4th – Awesome! Congrats to everyone else with a project selected and thanks to the whole team for your fantastic work and vision. @mediafilmfest1


March, 2020

Next Up! In 2020!!!

We’re official selection of the fantastic Chandler International Film Festival, Utah, USA in January 2020! That’s our first screening/film festival official selection of 2020! What an incredible run for our #psychologicalhorror short film BURN, since May 2017!

December, 2019

Another Hole in the Head Film Festival!

We’ve just finished our run at the awesome Another Hole in the Head Film Festival, San Francisco.

And with it… we were reviewed by the brilliant Gruesome Magazine, by Joseph Perry.

Fantastic! HERE’S THE REVIEW: 

Judson Vaughan film review

December, 2019

Recent Film Fests!

BRAND NEW POSTER, FROM BRUTAL POSTERS > and recently, we were at/and thanks to –  HorrorHaus, Derby Film Festival, Brainwash Drive-In/Bike-In/Walk-In Movie Festival, Love Horror Short Film Festival, The Indie Horror Film Festival, L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film, & Script Festival, Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival, Ogden Film Festival since our last post!



December, 2019

BURN, our short psychological multi-award winning shocker…

Yesssss! BURN is Official Selection of Horror Films in Hotlanta!

Well done #TeamBurn

September, 2019

The Boston Maniac gets a ‘Slice of Fright’

Yeaaaah, ‘The Boston Maniac’ our craaaazy short from a few years ago gets its Official Selection

at the brill ‘Slice of Fright Film Festival’, 2019!

September, 2019

Fantastic news!

Our high-concept, noir horror feature screenplay ‘IT’S HERE’ wins First Prize, at FILM CRASH 2019!


Thank You Film Crash! We’re are honored and humbled. We’d love to get this one made!


September, 2019

New Content

We’re close to finalising a few client projects we’re really excited about sharing, coming soon, end of September, check back then!

September, 2019

Cardiff International Film Festival

BURN Official Selection! Thank you to CIFF!

Recently returned from the Indie Horror Film Festival, the Love Horror Short Film Festival, and the Brainwash Drive-In Film Festival, BURN is next Official Selection of Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival (October 2019) and Cardiff International Film Festival (October 2019)!

September, 2019

‘The Boston Maniac’ is Official Selection of The Haunted House FearFest 2019.

Our film from a few years ago, ‘The Boston Maniac’ is heating up the House at the haunting fearfest in May!

April, 2019

BURN is Official Selection of OutlantaCon Short Film Festival 2019.

We’re thrilled and proud to be part of the line-up.

April, 2019

Motor City Nightmares International Film Festival!

BURN is a finalist at Motor City Nightmares International Film Festival!
We’re stoked and proud to be selected!

April, 2019

BURN – a semi-finalist at its Russian Premiere

BURN, a semi-finalist at its
Russian Premiere – The Russian Horror International Film Awards 2019 ???


April, 2019

BURN, wins a few Awards in Venezuela

BURN wins a clutch of awards at the Five Continents International Film Festival:

Including Best Terror Film, Best Young Actor (Matti Kolirin), Best Supporting Actor (Max Cavenham), Special Mention Lead Actress (Emma Kelly), Special Mention Cinematography (Joaquim Barreto), Special Mention Production Design (Marisa Polin, Margarita Grant), Special Mention Editing (Emma McCleave) on a Short Film, Special Mention Team Performance (the entire cast as a whole), Special Mention Director (Judson Vaughan) of a Short Film and finally but not least, a 3rd Place Audience Award.

An absolutely fantastic haul for Team #BURN! Congrats everyone.

Huge shout out to FICOCC 2019! Muchas Gracias

March, 2019

BURN wins best short

BURN wins best short film back in winter 2018
at the brill Dead All Day Film Festival.

February, 2019

BURN official selection laurel – the mighty MORBIDO FEST

Mexico City, back in winter 2018.

February, 2019

Review in from Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards

Nomination for best documentary - and the review here:

“Sadly this isn’t the sort of documentary that gets air time in the UK, but it should. It is made with a very bold voice, is a conscious discussion about the dilemmas facing Mexico, and above all – it is informative. Quite great.”

February, 2019

Humanitarian Award for Mexican Wave, the documentary.

Our documentary Mexican Wave wins an honorable mention
– humanitarian award for 2018,
awarded by the Accolade Global Film Competition.

February, 2019

BURN’S Venezuelan Premiere

BURN is Official Selection of FINDECOIN, in Venezuela.

February, 2019

A new commision for us!

We just shot/produced/edited the new HOPE in Tottenham promo film — a UK registered charity Check it out on our Promo section.

November, 2018

Mexican Wave (feature length) also wins an award of Excellence in Directing

November, 2018

Our film Mexican Wave (our first feature length documentary) wins Award of Excellence in Revolution and Reform. We want to thank & congratulate our producer Marisa Polin and everyone involved in this important piece of filmmaking.

November, 2018

Our Screenplay ‘The Sacrifice’ is a Finalist at the 18th year of SHRIEKFEST

Where we won Best Short Horror for BURN last year!! We’re stoked!

September, 2018

HorrorHaus is calling! November time is fast approaching! We’re official selection!

September, 2018

We return to Orlando Film Festival with BURN this year! Having previously been selected a couple of years ago with our film Soul Breaker!

September, 2018

The awesome Peachtree Village Film Festival Atlanta, USA next! We’re a Finalist!

September, 2018

It’s then on to the great Wreak Havoc Film Festival L.A. a couple of days later! We’re BURN is nominated Best Film & Best Foreign Film!

September, 2018

BURN is screening around Mexico City at the mighty Feratum Film Festival next!! Amazing!

September, 2018

A new look poster for BURN! from the awesome Brutal Posters design!

September, 2018

BURN wins Best Horror at the brilliant Bristol Independent Film Festival 2018!

September, 2018

BURN gets nominated Best Horror at the fantastic FilmQuest, Utah, USA 2018

September, 2018

BURN wins the Black Sunday Film Festival!

BURN wins Best Short Film – at the brilliant Black Sunday Film Festival 2018, UK.

June, 2018

Max Cavenham wins Best Actor in BURN!

Max Cavenham wins Best Actor for his portrayal of Peter Vaubarn in BURN, at the brilliant Unrestricted View Film Festival, London, UK!

April, 2018

BURN wins a Gold Remi!

BURN wins a Gold Remi at the awesome WorldFest-Houston International Film and Video Film Festival!

April, 2018

BURN wins in Nottingham! UK!

BURN wins Best Horror at the great Beeston Film Festival 2018, UK.


March, 2018

We love these posters from Brutal Poster Design for our film BURN —

Such incredible reviews. Humble thanks, to everyone that helped make this film be realised.
March, 2018

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention – Best Short Film, 16th Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards 2017!

Well, we what a lovely surprise! Thank you to the awesome Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards.


February, 2018