soul breaker


‘Evil Can Love’

‘When the need is desperate and the want impure, strange energies will flourish’

A Twisted Love Story about Lust, Deceit and Karmic Retribution. When Freddie Dale’s girlfriend sleeps with his house-mate, he is persuaded by his good friend Viz Verdi to unleash revenge through the manipulation of cosmic forces, the Hindi dark magic that is Jadoo, on his unsuspecting housemate Ben – with somewhat unusual repercussions. Freddie doesn’t expect any of the nonsense to work, but his friend Viz has other ideas as the two unwittingly, bumble their way through a spell. A strange set of events unfold that will change their perception of life, existence and the unknown forever.

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Judson Vaughan




Judson Vaughan, Peter Singh, Marta Faria, Jorge Pablo, Paul Dewdney, Luisa Guerreiro

#TOFF 2015
ACE Jehlum Short and Long Film Festival 2015
Access Film Festival 2015
Miami Independent Film Festival 2015
Los Angeles CineFest 2015
DSOFF Winner Best Director 2015
Switzerland IFF 2015
Orlando Film Festival 2015
MIWAFF 2015 2015
Colorado Horror Con 2015
Motor City Nightmares Film Festival 2015
Maverick Movie Awards 2015
Broken Knuckle Film Festival 2015
Strange Film Awards 2015
IndieFEST Film Award Of Merit Short Film 2015
LA Short Awards, Gold Best Director, Bronze Best Editing 2015
Martinsville Horror Festival 2015
Move Me Productions 2015
Beeston Film Festival 2015
Кинолит Film Festival 2015
Best Shorts Competition Award Of Merit, Actor in Lead Role 2015
California Film Awards Winner Diamond Award 2015
Accolade Global Film Competition Award Of Merit Short Film 2015
Accolade Global Film Competition Award Of Merit Actor in Lead Role 2015
Texas Ultimate Shorts Best FX 2016
Socal Film Festival Honorable Mention 2016
Best Film Festival 2016
NLIFSM Festival 2016
Madhouse Movies Film Fest 2016
Buffalo Niagara Film Festival 2016
International Independent Film Awards Concept Winner 2016
Shiver International Film Film Festival – Semi-Finalist 2016
Barcelona Planet Film Festival Best Actor 2016
Independent Horror Movie Awards 2017 – Best Actor and Best Original Concept 2016
Independent Horror Movie Awards 2017 – Nomination Best Writing and Best Sound 2016
Utah Film Awards 2017 – Nomination – Best Actor 2016
Hollywood Screenings Film Festival – Semi-Finalist 2016
ITSA Film Festival – Nominee Reel Scary 2016
Follow Your Dreams Film Festival – Finalist 2017
Canada Shorts Film Festival – Award of Merit 2017

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