The Boston Maniac


‘The Truth Is Horrible’

The Boston Maniac is a five-minute atmospheric and absolutely bonkers short horror film!

This is the fuller version to PEDRO – Pedro was made for the ‘One Minute of Horror Competition’ run at the time by ‘The Slaughtered Bird’. The two films were shot simultaneously on the same day. Pedro, with a run time of 1 minute, on a mobile phone – as per competition rules, and the Boston Maniac with a 5m run time, a more rounded feel, and cinematic – shot on 5DMII and Zeiss Primes.

‘A man finds himself in a place he does not recognise and the reason why is more harrowing than the where.’

Movie Genre:



Judson Vaughan




Pedro Caxade, Bill Hutchens

Night of Horror Film Festival 2020 – Award Best Scare
Videoscreams International Film Festival 2019
Haunted House FearFest 2019 A Slice of Fright Fest 2019
Broken Knuckle Film Festival 2016
Online Independent Film Festival 2016
The 12 Month Film Festival 2015
Los Angeles CineFest 2015
Miami Independent Film Festival 2015
The Monthly Film Festival 2015

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