Some of the digital video content produced, directed and post-production by Dragon Egg Films.

Basquet Coruña versus Basquet Girona 


On the 2nd of June 2022, there was a seismic basketball game scheduled for that same evening on the back of the league playoffs for the quarterfinals of the LEB Oro Spanish Basketball league. Basquet Coruña lost, Basquet Girona won. It was tight, it was tense... both teams played valiantly. Here's a video we put together (from a previous same year match earlier in the season) to promo the match that took place later that day in A Coruña, España.

TSG & HOPE in Tottenham's school engagement session


The Territorial Support Group is a Met Operations unit of London's Metropolitan Police Service which specialises in public order policing, among other specialist areas. This a video that covers one of their scheduled school visits in North London in association with HOPE in Tottenham - such engagement sessions, are an opportunity to bring together young people with the Police service in the form of presentation and integration, helping build stronger relationships in communities and in turn fosters better understanding, acceptance and insight of each other.

Mama Kari presents


We Produced | Directed | Shot | Edited  -  this incredibly important social enterprise start-up, fundraiser video.

An engaging insight into mental health wellbeing in the workplace.

 My Fair Lady


My Fair Lady, the one-woman show, featuring the fantastic Fiona Harrison - A Voice in a Million

We produced | directed | edited | graded | and sound-designed this wonderful musical promo, a celebration of by-gone days, epic musical movies, and a fantastic live show by Fiona Harrison, where Fiona literally delivers a powerhouse performance in her traveling one-woman show, My Fair Lady.

Bridge Renewal Trust 10 Year Celebration


We project managed and curated - the photographic exhibition, a 24-page brochure design & print, banners and artwork installation.

Produced|Directed| Shot|Post-production on the celebration film

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Yosi's Kitchens


We Produced | Directed | Shot | Edited  - the fantastic Yosi's Kitchens brand new Cocktail Bar/World Food/Cafe

1-minute flavour from the opening night celebration.

- This was the opening night -

Miloko - The Bespoke Cocktail Milk-float


We Produced|Directed|Post-production on this fantastic start-up business

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HOPE (Hope in Tottenham) Youth Summit 2019


We Produced|Directed|Post-production on this heartfelt and topically important Youth Summit, on the subject of the youth knife and gun crime epidemic in the UK

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Police Engagement with Christina Davis


HOPE in Tottenham's new recruit Christina Davis talks about her new role and what it means moving forward as HOPE continues their brilliant work in Tottenham and the surrounding borough of Haringey, in London.

Hope in Tottenham - Team Talks

Chair and Counselling Trustee


We Produced | Shot | Edited  -   a series of Hope in Tottenham's team talks

Shot with restrictions just before Lockdown 2.0.

 A bit of summer magic - ice cream obligatory.

 HOPE in Tottenham


We Produced|Directed|Post-production on this important opening of HOPE's new offices

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HiT -- Hope in Tottenham


We Produced | Shot | Edited  -   Hope in Tottenham’s team talks

Shot with restrictions just before Lockdown 2.0.

Easter Egg Hunt


Made During Covid-19 Lockdown,

in Isolation.

Travel More



We Produced|Directed|Post-production on this - shot on an iphoneX

A travel log video shot in Galicia, España -

(Santiago & La Coruña)

When was the last time you traveled?

- Food for the Soul -