Short/Feature Length Screenplays and Teleplays

Our screenplays are registered with the Writers Guild of America and Scriptvault

The Sacrifice

Hi-concept horror short. Gripping. Excited about getting this on.
A co-written project -- we're looking for funding -- one location --  a three-day shoot.
Could be shot in any country/city/house in the world


The screenplay was a Finalist at 2018's Shriekfest -- the same festival, where our film BURN won Best Horror Short the year before in 2017.




The screenplay was also an official selection of Grim North Screenplay Fest 2019



Check out our splash page for the film concept at


-- coming soon --

The Paradigm Shift

Currently on its festival run.
A head-bending experience. Turn you inside out will this one, but leave you with a smile on your face.

A twisted sci-fi/comedy about a man that buys a dice of the deep dark web.

Finalist at Oaxaca Film Festival 2017, Official Selection at Nola Horror Film Festival 2017
and Austin Comedy Film Festival 2017.


A comedy-drama.

We love this one. A favorite inspired by the writer's local area in North London.
A tale of two Turkish men at war with each other, albeit kebab sticks at ten paces.


GENRE: Crime Drama/Thriller

Logline: Two old friends reunite when one brings home a dog with a secret past that leads to murder and alters the course of their lives forever.

Tagline: Man, a dog's best friend?

When a blast from the past knocks one day at Dominic Pearson's house, he is asked to do an old friend (Calvin) a favor and look after his little dog (Trigger) - what can possibly go wrong? Calvin mysteriously disappears again and it's not long before his new canine friend Trigger, gets Dominic into a fix that changes all their lives and not necessarily for the better; Trigger it seems, has a secret all of his own. Trigger is a dog with connections. Trigger is an inventive twisted thriller/crime drama. A 'not your everyday couple' are exposed to a reality of a life we all know exists and their newfound friend Trigger, a dog, captivates their hearts and minds as they're led unwittingly on an adventure that will change unsuspecting circumstances forever. Trigger (certainly not your ordinary dog) is full of mischief and incite.


High-concept, elevated, character-driven Action Horror, based in Miami, USA 1970 --

- and unique.

Full synopsis, logline, tagline and screenplay available on a request to read.




A series of unrelated immaculate conceptions across the planet threaten decades of government cover-ups and a secret that will change the world forever.