Bringing Your idea or Vision to Life

We also create engaging, professional corporate videos.

Pre-Production Planning

Scriptwriting, storyboarding, location scouting, casting and obtaining permissions and or licenses that may be required to allow the production to not only be permitted, but to go smoothly. We take care of all the necessary preparations before actual filming begins. We’ve also project managed multiple productions, whilst alongside filming – organised the corresponding exhibition and art work for the related brochure to be published simultaneously with the film/video project.


Cinematographers, or directors of photography, capture high-quality visuals. This includes camera operation, lighting design, and shot composition. There are though, other things that also come into play in relation to crafting a look and indeed, well before you even get to the edit, such as production design.

Production Crew

This encompasses the hiring and coordination of various crew members, such as producers, directors, sound engineers, makeup artists, and production assistants to name but a few. The scale of which greatly depends on each individual project. Sometimes, less is more.

Post-Production Editing

Video editing is a crucial service where raw footage is transformed into a polished, cohesive narrative. Editors cut, arrange footage, add effects and finesse the final product. You can make a good film bad in the edit, and similarly, you can make a bad film better in the edit.

Visual Effects (VFX)

VFX artists create and enhance the visual appeal of a video or film. This can include composting objects, the creation of environments, characters, masking/removal of unwanted objects and explosions, etc. 

Sound Design and Audio Production

Sound designers and also composers, work to create high-quality audio for the film or video. This includes recording, editing, & mixing audio elements like dialogue, music, foley & sound effects

Color Correction and Grading

Colourists enhance the colour and tone of the film or video to achieve a specific look or mood. First through correction and then grade.

Capturing Moments, Crafting Stories

Need a video? Want cut downs from some existing media, for socials? Want a shorter snazzy piece from a longer form promo? For cut down examples – head over to our instagram feed. Have a look at some of our CLIENT videos under CLIENT Tab above or click just below here: