Film projects that we've either produced and finished, are in pre-production on, or looking to put into production.

new film judson vaughan

Little Terrors
Short Film
Genre: Drama | Comedy Horror
Estimated Run Time: 21 minutes
Writer: Gari Sullivan
Producer | Director: Judson Vaughan
Status: Currently in Development
Location: London, England

Terrorised pensioners exact bloody revenge on two violent young children.

Little bit about the Concept:
Little Terrors is a dark comic horror that leaves the audience wondering who
they should be supporting - the victims or the murderers!

new film by judson vaughan

Te Encontraremos | We Will Find YOU
Short Film
Genre: Thriller
Estimated Run Time: 20 minutes
Producer | Writer | Director: Judson Vaughan
Status: Currently Filming
Location: Galicia, España

Brief Synopsis: A man haunted by the murder of his Brother, searches for the whereabout of his killer.

First 3 minutes of the film:
Te Encontraremos | We Will Find You

award winning script by judson vaughan

Feature Film
Genre: Thriller, Action
Estimated Run Time : 109 minutes
Budget: tbc
Writer: Judson Vaughan
Status: Available - Updated draft ready - Request a read
Pitch Deck available on request

Logline: A man asks his friend to dog sit but its not long before this special pet and minder are dragged by its lead into a dark underworld, this dog it seems has a secret past.

Tagline: 'Man - a dog's best friend?'

Trigger the feature screenplay was a quarter finalist at the Vail Screenplay Contest 2022

Official Selection at the 16th Beverly Hills Film Festival 2016

A Finalist at the Hill Country Film Festival and Shiver International Film Festival 2016

Official Selection of Oaxaca Film Festival 2018

Winner of the Royal Reel Award, Canada International Film Festival 2016

Winner of the Richard Vetere Screenplay Award, Long Island Film Festival 2016

Winner of Gold Award, Screenplay Competition, California Film Awards 2016

Winner of Gold Award, L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film & Script Film Festival 2017

Quarter Finalist - Vail Screenplay Contest



director filmmaker Judson Vaughan

Feature Film
Genre: 70's Noir Horror
Estimated Run Time: 110 minutes
Writer: Judson Vaughan
Status: Available -  Updated draft ready - Request a read

Logline: A grieving detective under close police scrutiny in 1970’s Miami forms an unearthly alliance to seek vengeance on the perpetrators who murdered his family.



IT'S HERE wins the 35th edition of FILM CRASH screenplay competition, September 2019


Judson Vaughan's IT'S HERE


Official Selection of the New York City Horror Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2020

The Emergence
Pilot Episode - Television Series
Genre : Sci-Fi/Drama
Episodic - 45 minute per episode
Estimated Budget : tbc
Writers : Richard Anthony Dunford | Judson Vaughan
Status: Pilot episode ready - Request a read

Log Line: A series of unrelated immaculate conceptions across the planet threaten decades of government cover-ups and a secret that will change the world forever.

Feature Length Documentary
Genre: Non-fiction
Estimated Run Time: 63 minutes
Budget: £1,000
Writer: Judson Vaughan
Produced | Directed by: Judson Vaughan
Status: Distributed on Amazon Prime | Google Play | additional VOD platform releases, coming soon.

Available on Apple TV  U.K.
Disponible en Apple TV España
España Amazon Prime
UK Amazon Prime
USA Amazon Prime
Google Play España

Brief Synopsis: Documentary following the struggles of five housemates during a pandemic and their communication with the outside world. Documentary made during the 2020 and 2021 pandemic, shot in real-time.


“...Pandemania does an impressive job of showing production scale on a small scale… one largely shot within people’s homes during a trying time. It’s great indie spirit.”    Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards Summer 2021


nominated best feature under £5,000


Nominated - The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards 2021 - Best Feature Film Made for Less Than £5,000




Finalist - Near Nazareth Film Festival 2021


-- Disponible con subtítulos en español on Amazon Prime, Google Play and Apple Tv

Award winning documentary by judson vaughan

MEXICAN WAVE | La Ola Mexicana
Subject: Reform, Human Rights, Democracy, Murder, Narco-Political Violence, Drugs, Forced Disappearances
Run Time: 61 minutes
Writers: Marisa Polin, Judson Vaughan
Producer: Marisa Polin
Director: Judson Vaughan
Status: Distributed

Available on Amazone Prime, Apple TV, Google Play, Popsy on Plex,
Tubi, Flixwest, Typhoo on Demand & ALTRD.TV

Disponible en Amazon Prime en España tambien:
La Ola Mexicana en España Amazon Prime
Mexican Wave Amazon Prime UK
Mexican Wave on Google Play UK
Mexican Wave Amazon Prime North America

Brief Synopsis:
Documentary that follows a group of Mexicans based in London campaigning for democracy, human rights and fight for an answer to the forced disappearances of 43 agricultural students in Mexico, September 2014. It sheds light on the routine murder of students, journalists, activists and the systemic political and economic circumstances in Mexico surrounding this situation.

Tagline: 'They took them alive we want them alive'


Accolade Global Film Competition - Feb 2019
Humanitarian Award - Honorable Mention
The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards - Autumn 2018
Nominee - Best Documentary
California Film Awards - 2018
Diamond Award
Spotlight Documentary Film Awards
Silver Award - Fall 2018
Accolade Global Film Competition - November 2018
Award of Merit
Docs Without Borders - Autumn 2018
Award of Excellence in Revolution & Reform
Docs Without Borders - Autumn 2018
Award of Excellence in Directing
Direct Monthly Online Film Festival
- November 2018
Best Feature Film of the Month
Direct Monthly Online Film Festival
- November 2018
Best Documentary of the Month

-- Disponible con subtítulos en español on Amazon Prime and Apple TV

Burn Short Film
Genre: Psychological Horror
Run Time: 15 minutes
Budget: £5,390
Producers: Chris Barnes, Judson Vaughan
Writer: Chris Barnes, Judson Vaughan
Director: Judson Vaughan
Status: Distribution soon

Brief Synopsis:
In an increasingly panicked part of England, local disappearances have become nationwide news. Expectant couple Peter and Louise Vaubarn, watch the media's coverage of recent events in both fascination and fear - their first child, Charlie, will soon be born amid the mass hysteria. With Pete's fragile health in the balance, his means of providing fatherly advice to his unborn son are limited, but will shape the family's life forever.

Tagline: 'What will you leave your child?'


Winner Best Horror Film - European Short Film Festival 2022, Berlin, Germany
Winner Award of Excellence - Best Horror Film Vegas Movie Awards 2022, USA
Winner Award of Prestige - Best Original Story Vegas Movie Awards 2022, USA
Winner Golden Stake Award - SHOCKFEST 2021, Vegas/L.A. USA
Winner 1st Prize - Navarra (Pamplona) International Horror and Fantasy Film Festival 2021, Spain
Winner Best Thriller Short Film & Best Poster Design - New York Istanbul Short Film Festival 2021, New York/Istanbul
Winner Best Horror - World Distribution Awards 2021, UK
Winner Best Director - Judson Vaughan - Romford Horror Film Festival 2021, UK
Winner Princeton Tiger Award - Nassau Film Festival 2021, USA
Winner Best Horror Short Film - The Hamilton New York International Film Festival 2020, USA
Winner Best Young Actor - Matti Kolirin - Five Continents International Film Festival 2019, Venezuela
Winner Best Supporting Actor - Max Cavenham - Five Continents International Film Festival 2019, Venezuela
Winner Best Terror - Five Continents International Film Festival 2019, Venezuela
Winner Best Horror - Dead All Day Film Festival 2019, Widnes, Cheshire, UK
Winner Best Short Horror - Bristol Independent Film Festival 2018, UK
Winner Best DOP - Joaquim Barreto - Direct Short Online Film Festival 2018, USA
Winner Best Actor - Max Cavenham - Unrestricted View Film Festival 2018, London, UK
Winner Gold Remi Award - 51st Annual Worldfest Houston International Film Festival 2018, USA
Winner Best Horror - Beeston Film Festival 2018, Nottingham, UK
Winner Best Short Film - Black Sunday Film Festival 2018, London, UK
Honorable Mention - Best Short Film, 16th Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards 2017, USA
Honorific Mention - Intergalactic Short Film Festival 2017, Mexico
Winner Best Film - Macoproject Online Film Festival 2017, New York City, USA
Winner Best Short Horror Film - Glasgow Horror Festival 2017, Scotland
Winner Best Horror Short Film - 17th Shriekfest 2017, L.A. USA

, Nomination Best Director - European Cinematography Awards 2022
Finalist - Cine-Maniacs Filmfest 2021
Nominated Best Short Film - Romford Film Festival 2020
Nominated Best Short Horror - Cardiff International Film Festival 2019
Nominated Best Vfx, Best Actor, Best Horror Short Film & Best Short of the festival - I Filmmaker Film Festival 2019
Nominated Best Short Horror - Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival 2019
Nominated Best Cinematography Short Film, Audience Award - Five Continents International Film Festival 2019
Special Mention Lead Actress, Director Short Film, Editing Short Film, Production Design Short &
Team Performance Short Film - Five Continents International Film Festival 2019
Nominated Best Short Horror - L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film, & Script Festival 2019
Finalist - Russian International Horror Film Awards 2019
Nominated Best Film, Best Young Actor, Best Male Actor, Best Screenplay - Horror Haus 2018
Nominated - VOB Film Festival House of Horror 2018
Nominated Best Short, Best Art Direction, Best Make-Up/Costume - Unrestricted View Film Festival 2018
Finalist - Peachtree Village Film Festival 2018
Nominated Best Film & Best Foreign Film - Wreak Havoc Film Festival 2018
Nominated Best International Film - Feratum International Fantastic Film Festival 2018
Nominated Best Horror & Best Screenplay - FilmQuest 2018
Nominated Best Actress - Maverick Movie Awards 2017

-- Disponible con subtítulos en español

Produced by Judson Vaughan of Dragon Egg Films

Jump Short Film
Genre: Drama
Estimated Run Time: 8 minutes
Budget: £1,500
Producers: Richard Anthony Dunford, Judson Vaughan
Written and Directed: by Richard Anthony Dunford
Status: Distributed

Brief Synopsis:
A man finds himself at his wit's end and about to jump to his death when a surprise interjection stops him - a girl from nowhere appears on a rooftop to question his reasons.

'It's a wonderful drop'

Dragon Egg Media Produced this lovely bittersweet drama from the brilliant Richard Anthony Dunford. A film with heart and darkness.


Honorable Freekin mention - 
Freeky creek, USA
Jury Prize - South West London Independent Film Festival, UK
Winner Best StorySouth shorts; Worthing wow, UK
Winner Best ActressReading fringe film festival, UK
Best Make-Up (Runner-up: Film Score, Editing, Cinematography) What’s hot, London Winner, UK
Finalist - Tweet up Film Festival, UK

The Boston Maniac
Short Film
Genre : Horror/Thriller
Run Time : 4 minute 30 seconds
Budget : £1,000
Producers : Judson Vaughan, Marisa Polin
Written and Directed by Judson Vaughan
Status: Available for free online Youtube | Vimeo and in our Film Section

Brief Synopsis
A man finds himself in a place he does not recognise and the reason why is more harrowing than the where.

Tagline: 'Come closer if you dare'

The Boston Maniac is the full version based on PEDRO (written, made, and winner of the One Minute of Horror Competition by 'The Slaughtered Bird'. The Boston Maniac was shot simultaneously and on the same day as its 1-minute little sibling PEDRO, (albeit with a 5D Mark2 and Zeiss primes) rather than a mobile phone (1-minute horror comp rules) It’s a more rounded version, with a greater cinematic feel.

The Boston Maniac was released in 2015 and is featured on our Film Section, where the teaser and the film are viewable.

Winner Best Scare - Night of Horror Film Festival - 2020
Official Selection Videoscream International Film Festival - 2019
Official Selection  Haunted House FearFest - 2019
Official Selection  A Slice of Fright Fest - 2019
Official Selection  Broken Knuckle Film Festival - 2016
Official Selection  Online Independent Film Festival 2016
Official Selection Los Angeles CineFest 2015
Official Selection Miami Independent Film Festival 2015
Official Selection The Monthly Film Festival 2015

Micro Short Film
Genre : Horror/Thriller
Run Time : 60 seconds
Budget : £1,300
Producer : Judson Vaughan, Marisa Polin
Written and Directed by Judson Vaughan
Status: Distributed with CryptTV

Brief Synopsis:
A man finds himself in a place he does not recognise and the reason why is more harrowing than the where.

Tagline: 'The truth is horrible'

Winner 1-minute Short Horror PEDRO for the 1 minute horror film Competition (Partners of Horror Nation and sponsor of Liverpool's DeadCon) Rules: To be one minute or less and shot on a mobile phone -- and has had over 90,000 views on Youtube.

Official Selection iPhone film festival 2016
Official Selection 24th Croatian One-Minute Film Festival 2016
Official Selection SUPER 9 Mobile Film Festival 2015
Official Selection #TOFF 2015
Official Selection Cinephone 2015
Official Selection Kinolit Film Festival 2015
Official Selection Mobile International Film Festival 2016

Put Down
Short Film
Genre : Comedy Drama
Run Time : 10 minutes
Budget : £10,000
Producers : Rebeca Cobos, Judson Vaughan
Written and Directed by Rick Limentani
Status: Distributed
Put Down on Amazon Prime

Brief Synopsis:
John is a socially awkward man in a downward spiral of debt, until a lucky accident propels him into a new career as a black-market pet exterminator. In these difficult times, some families can no longer afford a pet. John has some inventive ways to help them.

Tagline: ‘When life closes a door it opens a window’

Dragon Egg Media worked as Line Producer on the fantastic short dark comedy Put Down, written and directed by the talented Rick Limentani. The original screenplay was winner of the Bath International Film Festival - IMDb script to screen award 2014.

Put Down's Film Festival Selections and it's Awards -

Soul Breaker
Short Film
Genre: Horror/Fantasy
Run Time: 24 minutes
Budget: £3,000
Producers: Judson Vaughan, Jorge Pablo, Marisa Polin
Written and Directed by: Judson Vaughan
Status: Distributed
Soul Breaker on Amazon Prime

Soul Breaker on Google Play

Brief Synopsis:

A strange tale of love, lust, deceit and karmic retribution. When Freddie Dale's girlfriend sleeps with his house-mate, he is persuaded by his good friend Viz Verdi to unleash revenge through the manipulation of cosmic forces; Hindi dark magic that is Jadoo, on his unsuspecting housemate Ben with somewhat unusual repercussions. Freddie doesn't expect any of the nonsense to work, but his friend Viz has other ideas as the two unwittingly bumble their way through a spell. An unusual set of events unfold that will change their perceptions of life, existence and the unknown forever.

Tagline: ‘When the need is desperate and the want impure strange energies will flourish’


Award of Merit - Canada Shorts Film Festival 2017
Best Actor, Best Original Concept, Best Nudity - Independent Horror Movie Awards 2017
Best Actor - Barcelona Planet Film Festival 2017
Gold Award, Concept - International Independent Film Awards 2016
Best FX International Horror - Texas Ultimate Shorts 2016
Honorable Mention - SoCal Film Festival 2015
Diamond Award, Foreign Film - California Film Awards 2015
Award of Merit, Actor in Leading Role - Best Shorts Competition 2015
Award of Merit - Lead Actor - Accolade Global Film Competition 2015
Award of Merit - Short Film - Accolade Global Film Competition 2015
Gold Award Best Director - LA Shorts Awards 2015
Bronze Award Best Editing - LA Shorts Awards 2015
Award of Merit - Short Film - Indie FilmFEST Awards 2015
Winner Best Director - Direct Short Online Film Festival 2015

The Moment
Short Film
Genre : Comedy Drama
Run Time : 2 minutes 27 seconds
Budget : £500
Producer : Judson Vaughan
Written by Stephen Cooper
Directed by Judson Vaughan
Status: Available for free online Youtube | Vimeo and on our Film Section

Brief Synopsis :

A hitman is on a routine job when called upon to retrieve a stolen microchip and dispose of the thief. But upon arriving, finds he cannot seem to pull the trigger. Faced with fatal attraction, the hitman is faced with a dilemma. Will he kill Thomas his intended hit? Or will he give into lust?

Tagline: 'If you had seconds to live would you try your luck?'

The Moment was our first ever film, for the 50 Kisses project and released in January 2013

Winner Best Film Under 5 Minutes - Rob Knox Film Festival 2013
Winner Best Direction - Reel Teal Film Festival 2014
Nomination Best Editing - Laugh or Die Comedy Film Festival 2014